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The Garden of Bomarzo Brings Monsters To Life Through Sculpture

The eerie Garden of Bomarzo in Italy was discovered by surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in 1938—it was a place the locals called the "Park of Monsters." The Park of Monsters was commissioned in 1552 by Italian Prince Pier Francesco Orsini. It is believed that Orsini commissioned the sculpture garden filled with horrifying monster sculptures after enduring a series of personally traumatizing events. Orsini saw his best friend die in battle, was held as a prisoner for three years, and then finally returned to his wife only to see her die shortly thereafter. It's believed he created the park as a way to deal with his immense grief.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Salvador Dalí discovered what the locals called the "Park of Monsters" in 1938. 00:22

  2. Prince Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned the construction of the "Park of Monsters" in 1552 to chock visitors. 00:42

  3. Salvador Dalí made a short film about the "Park of Monsters." 02:41

Written by Curiosity Staff October 30, 2015

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