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The Future Is Foldable

This content was created in collaboration with FODI, the lightweight, foldable device stand made from paper.

We've told you about the bulletproof shields that fold out like origami. We've shown you clothes that expand to fit growing kids. We've marveled with you at this paper-thin speaker and microphone that you can roll up like a yoga mat. The point is, we're still discovering the benefits of foldable technology, from high-tech folding touchscreens to simple space-saving solutions that are ready for the market right now.

A Stand For All Seasons

Foldable tech is making our lives easier and simpler. Case in point: the FODI origami device stand. This thing is made of paper, something that people have been folding ever since folding was invented. The innovation here is in structural folds that let the stand be whatever it needs to be at any given time.

So FODI is made of paper, but not just any paper. This fiber-based material is water and stain resistant. Got Dorito dust all over your stand? No problem. You can wash it easily in the sink.

When you're finished typing up the latest chapter of your novel at the coffee shop, unfold the FODI and it's just one millimeter thick. Slip it between the pages of your notebook like a bookmark.

And because every structure gets stronger the more it's folded, FODI can support up to 20 kg (44 pounds) worth of phones, laptops, tablets, and books — in other words, if your device is too heavy for a FODI, you have bigger problems on your hands.

Basically, FODI fits (almost) anywhere, holds up (almost) anything, and comes in enough stylish patterns to please (literally) everybody. What's your alternative? Dragging around the goofy plastic device stand you bought from SkyMall?

FODI is running a wildly successful Kickstarter, so you can have one sent to your door. Pretty smart of them to save on shipping costs by having something so light and foldable.

FODI is water resistant.

Folding Our Way To The Stars

Maybe you've heard about how you could fold a piece of paper in half 42 times and it would reach the moon. Unfortunately, that's just a teensy bit impossible. But foldable technology is still likely to play an incredibly important role in space exploration.

Take 4D printing, for example. You've heard of 3D printing, and it's easy to see how that could make building in space way easier. But what if you need to make something truly gigantic? You can start by folding it up and letting the sun do the heavy lifting.

4D printing means that any object that you create will react to light, and continue to expand even after the printing is completed. It's just another way to save space — and that's important when you're floating around in a giant Pringles can in space. Best of all, when you're done, you can just set your 4D printer on a FODI stand until the next time you need it.

If you'd like to preorder a FODI to prop up all your devices, head to their Kickstarter here.

This Origami Stand Can Hold Up All Of Your Devices

Written by Curiosity Staff July 31, 2017

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