The First Ever Liquid- And Water-Resistant Shirt

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A college sophomore named Aamir Patel invented what he believes to be the first ever liquid- and stain-resistant t-shirt-he calls it the Silic t-shirt. The sprays that are on the market that claim to protect clothing in the same way actually contain very dangerous substances. These products warn that if ingested may cause cancer and birth defects. Other complaints include the sprays changing the texture of the fabric and not being able to last more than one wash cycle. The Silic shirt uses nanotechnology and is made with four-way stretch polyester.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Silic t-shirt is marketed as the first liquid- and stain-resistant shirt. 00:09

  2. The commercial liquid- and food-resistant sprays are said to cause cancer and birth defects. 00:27

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