The First Americans Probably Crossed The Bering Land Bridge

Evidence suggests that the Bering Land Bridge was less of a narrow bridge and more of a wide shrubland or tundra. It was present when the sea levels of the Earth dropped due to glaciation, and is thought to have been used for migration around 15,000 years ago, around the time that the last ice age ended. Some scientists believe that the first Native Americans actually lived on the land bridge for thousands of years before crossing fully over to North America.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The first Homo sapiens appeared approximately 20,000 years ago in Africa. 00:09

  2. Shortly after humans entered Europe from the southeast, Neanderthals went extinct. 01:11

  3. The first humans to populate the Americas crossed the Bering Strait around 15,000 years ago. 01:33

Written by Curiosity Staff November 2, 2015

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