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The Extremely Poisonous Fugu Fish Is A Culinary Delicacy

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Would you eat a piece of meat known to be more poisonous than cyanide? In Japan, such a dangerous meal is considered a delicacy. It is the fugu fish, which is an extremely poisonous pufferfish. Chefs must be specially trained for years in order to properly prepare the fish. If the chef were to cut himself while preparing the fish, it would mean almost certain death. The chef would immediately start struggling to breath, then his heart would spasm, and finally, he would die.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The eyes of the fugu fish are very poisonous and must be disposed of properly while preparing the fish to be eaten. 00:49

  2. If a chef were to actually cut himself while preparing the poisonous fugu fish, it would mean almost certain death. 01:04