The Extraordinary IQ of Einstein

Albert Einstein was notoriously genius, but what exactly was his IQ and what made him so unique? What gave Einstein his quirky edge, and how did that contribute to his overall genius? Researchers have been attempting to answer this question for years-including spawning rumors Einstein's brain was sliced and diced in hopes of unlocking the secret to his intelligence. We do know that following Einstein's death and cremation, Princeton Hospital pathologist Thomas Harvey took ownership of the brain and dispersed its parts to more than 200 prominent scientists around the world. At the end of Harvey's life, when he discovered he would be unable to garner anything conclusive from his studies of Einstein's brain, returned the organ to Princeton Hospital, where it remains to be studied today. Although there was no magical discovery, researchers did find the area of Einstein's brain which houses mathematical reasoning, 3-D visualization and spatial understanding-the parietal lobe-was 15 percent larger than his cohorts. How does this play into his genius?

So was Einstein really all that different from the average person? How did alleged diagnoses like ADHD and Autism help him creatively and uniquely understand the world better? We will probably never know all of Einstein's secrets, but we can learn a little more about his life through these interviews, footage and scientific perspectives on perhaps the most famous genius the world has yet to witness.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Einstein became depressed upon hearing that his research was being used to help create the atomic bomb. 01:54

  2. Einstein's only cognitive disability was a minor speech impediment he developed in early childhood. 04:21

  3. Einstein's brain was dissected into 240 pieces during his autopsy. 05:04

Written by Curiosity Staff September 5, 2014

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