The Everlasting Lightning Storm

The Relámpago del Catatumbo (Catatumbo lightning) occurs in the small patch of sky above where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo. It is also called the Maracaibo Beacon or the Lighthouse of Maracaibo, as it is visible from 400 kilometers away and has aided sailors in navigating their ships. Though the storm is intimidating, it is largely silent, given the impressive height of the clouds and lightning.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Relámpago del Catatumbo (Catatumbo lightning) occurs at the mouth of the Catatumbo river where it flows into Lake Maracaibo. 00:14

  2. See why the Catatumbo lightning occurs so reliably: 01:19

  3. Twice in history, the Catatumbo lightning has helped to protect the surrounding area from invasion. 01:45

Written by Curiosity Staff October 26, 2015

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