The Eurion Constellation Is What Makes Photocopying Money Illegal

Making copies of money, otherwise known as counterfeiting, is illegal. Not only is making a copy of any denomination of bill unlawful, it's nearly impossible. If you try to slide a piece of paper currency through a photocopier, it usually just won't work -- the copy will stop, or the copier will print a blank page. Most photocopiers recognize banknotes, or something resembling a banknote, thanks to a pattern called the Eurion Constellation. This symbol is the specific arrangement of five points that is subtly printed on most all major currencies. But this symbol isn't the only distinct characteristic found on money. The Counterfeit Deterrence System (CDS) is extremely secretive and effective. Even with the Eurion Constellation blacked out on banknotes, Adobe Photoshop (which has CDS built in) can recognize banknotes and will refuse to allow them to be edited in the software. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 6, 2016

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