The End Of A Cracking Whip Is Not What Breaks The Sound Barrier

The sound and speed of a cracking whip is impressive, but also a fascinating feat of science. A bullwhip can snap so fast, it actually breaks the sound barrier. Maybe you already knew that. But do you know which part of the whip breaks that barrier? Surprisingly, it's not the cracker at the end. See it in slow-motion in the video below.

The Science Of Cracking A Whip

Watch it happen in slow-motion, and learn how that sound barrier-breaking noise really happens.

Ping Pong Balls Break The Sound Barrier

This ping pong ball breaking plywood while also breaking the sound barrier is somethign you have to see to believe.

Can You Survive Breaking The Sound Barrier?

A lot more goes into it than just speed.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 27, 2016

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