Benjamin Franklin Was One Of History's Greatest Inventors

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When it comes to Benjamin Franklin, where does one even start? He invented the glass harmonica, was a volunteer fireman, a lifelong writer, a passionate scientist and an engaged civil leader. Franklin could speak at least five different languages and defied death at least twice during scientific experiments. He essentially popularized modern-day journalism and newspapers.

And although he's been credited with the discovery of electricity by way of a string, key and kite, that story may not actually be true. So how did he come to stumble upon electric current, and what other roles did he play in society besides inventor? Franklin is one of the most celebrated minds in science, literature, American history and more. Get to know him, his life and get a peek inside his mind with these videos.

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How much do you really know about the life of this iconic figure?

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Wait, what??

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Here's a little refresher on what exactly was so impressive about this man.

10 Of Ben Franklin's Best Quotes

"There was never a good war, or a bad peace."

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