The Earth's Magnetic Shield Cracked. Are We Doomed?

On June 22, 2015, our planet's magnetosphere—the magnetic field that shields us from cosmic winds and solar radiation—took a heavy pounding from a giant cloud of plasma ejected from our sun. In 2016, scientists analyzed data from that bombardment and realized that our magnetosphere may have led some of that dangerous radiation in. Should you be worried? Find out in the video below.

The Earth's Magnetic Shield Cracked. Are We Doomed?

Let Trace and Julian ease your mind with hard science and plenty of Star Trek references.

Why Earth's Magnetic Shield Matters

Just because it's invisible doesn't mean it's not important.

What Will Happen When Earth's Magnetic Poles Reverse?

This happens every so often, and we're due for another.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 17, 2016

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