The Dockwise Vanguard Ship Is So Big, It Can Carry Oil Rigs

At 275 (902 ft) meters long, the Dockwise Vanguard is the largest semi-submersible heavy lift ship in the world. It can submerge its watertight deck about 16 meters (52 ft) below the water in order to slip under ships and oil rigs, then transport them to a new location. The Vanguard can also function as an offshore dry dock facility, which means that it can lift ships and rigs out of the water to be repaired, negating the need for a trip back to shore.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The MSC Oscar is the largest container ship in the world, and is longer than the Empire State Building is tall. 00:23

  2. The Dockwise Vanguard partially submerges itself in order to get under and lift other ships and oil rigs. 02:41

  3. Sailing Yacht A has the world's tallest carbon masts, as well as a fingerprint security system and a jet pool. 04:29

Written by Curiosity Staff November 24, 2015

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