The Disturbing Story Of The Pacu "Ball-Cutter" Fish

Imagine a fish similar to a piranha, but it weight 60 lbs and has remarkably human-like teeth known for accidental nipping. Meet the pacu fish, aka the "ball-cutter" fish. This South American freshwater fish earned this nickname for its nasty reputation of targeting and chomping human testicles by mistake. This confusion occurs because the pacu eats fruits and nuts, but will mistake human testicles for its preferred meal. The pacu is known as the "vegetarian piranha"... but accidents happen. They have been at least reported deaths by castration caused by the bite of this fish. According to reports, a group of relocated pacu of Papua turned carnivorous in 1999 as their usual meals came harder to come by.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 9, 2015

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