The Disturbing Science of Global Warming

If you can't find relief from an intolerably cold winter during the insanely sweltering summer, it might be because you're experiencing the effects of global warming. Scientists believe the environmental pandemic is caused by a number of factors. The emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere by ways of deforestation, pollution, carbon dioxide and more are said to play large roles in rising temperatures. When these gasses are released into the atmosphere, they create heat which becomes trapped and unable to naturally escape or dissipate. That's when things really start to heat up. Rashes of wildfires, mudslides, tsunamis and earthquakes fueled by global warming have devastated nations across the world in recent years. In fact, soon you may not have to go far for that beach vacation as sea levels have risen 8 inches since 1870.

But is global warming real? Why do some academic circles assert it's an undeniable fact, while others refute climate change altogether? Is it true that even if we were to significantly reduce carbon emissions and taking other precautions we couldn't fully reverse its effects? Learn the facts, and decide for yourself.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 25, 2014

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