The Disorder That Gives You A New Foreign Accent

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Imagine waking up one morning, and hearing your voice with an accent that is completely foreign to you. This is likely the experience of people suffering a real disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome. The people do not wake up with real foreign accents, but they seem to as a result of injury. Developing a lesion on the broca's area of the brain may affect your language, and you may be unintentionally taking on strange tones in your speech. The way researchers know that a person hasn't actually taken on a foreign accent is because their "accent" will sound different to different people.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Foreign Accent Syndrome is a real disorder that occurs when someone wakes up with a foreign accent after trauma. 00:14

  2. If you suffer a lesion on the broca's area of the brain, you may develop Foreign Accent Syndrome. 00:52

  3. People with Foreign Accent Syndrome sound different to different people. 01:24

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