The Disastrous Effects Of Dictatorship

For all the good in the world history has shown us evil, too, exists. And sometimes, within a certain set of socioeconomic, cultural, traditional and historical context, this evil can find a way to creep up into powerful positions of government. Yet for dictators, the transition from everyday person to geographical leaders is often paved by a unsettling balance of charm and charisma, with the motivation to achieve total authority always lurking. Most countries around the world have been affected by dictatorship in one way or another, from the scrambling of global regions to assert positions as either allies or axes during Adolf Hitler's WWII reign to Kim Jong-il's role in the loss of jobs (and lives) of millions of North Korean citizens.

But how does one start becoming a dictator? We all experience different versions of life, but what sorts of events can impact a child in such a way they grow up to rule over others? This playlist lays it all out through archival footage and expert interviews, and puts the unfathomable actions of dictators into social and historical context.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 9, 2014

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