The Dirtiest Things Around Your Home

Think your toilet is dirty? Beware your keyboard instead. According to research done by the University of Arizona, the keyboard at your work office can house as much as 400 times the bacteria as the office toilet seat. A kitchen sponge is even worse—it can contain 200,000 times more bacteria per square inch than the seat of your toilet.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A cutting board can have up to 200 times the fecal matter that is found on a toilet seat. 00:25

  2. A toothbrush can contain at least 200,000 more bacteria than the 50 bacteria found per inch on a toilet. 00:55

  3. More than 80 million bacteria are passed along between mouths per kiss. 01:05

Written by Curiosity Staff December 2, 2014

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