The Denver International Airport Is The Unassuming Home To Countless Conspiracies

The Denver International Airport Is The Unassuming Home To Countless Conspiracies

It's difficult to narrow down all the strange features of the Denver International Airport to the single most bizarre. It's as if the builders (who somehow went $2 billion over budget) purposely made the airport mysterious. According to a dedication marker inside the airport, the "New World Airport Commission" is responsible for building the DIA, yet the New World Airport Commission doesn't exist. Some conspiracy theorists believe this mention is a nod to the New World Order, aka the New Nazi Party, who they claim were the real funders of the project. Theorists cite the fact that the airport's runways make a swastika-like shape as further evidence.

A giant statue in front of the airport has become a sort of creepy mascot for the DIA: the "Blue Mustang." This 32-foot-tall blue horse with glowing red eyes has been dubbed "Blucifer" by the locals. The glowing red eyes, for some, hint at the statue's evil energy. It doesn't help that the massive mustang killed its sculptor after falling on him and severing an artery.

Other conspiracy theories about the airport include these wild claims: it is the headquarters of the Illuminati, it's imagery portrays satanic messages, and it's hiding secret bunkers in case of an apocalyptic war. Watch the video below for more mysterious features of the DIA, including whatever might be going on in the ground beneath it.

The Strangeness Of The Denver International Airport

Good to know next time you're flying through Colorado.


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What Is The Illuminati?

And do they congregate at the DIA?


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What Is Satanism?

Some conspiracy theorists believe the art in the DIA represent satanism.


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