The Dementor Wasp Turns Roaches Into "Zombies"

The Dementor Wasp Turns Roaches Into "Zombies"

The dementor wasp (Ampulex dementor) was discovered in the Greater Mekong Region in 2014. Its venom blocks the roach's octopamine receptors, which renders it incapable of directing its own movements. The roach can still walk, however, and the wasp will lead it over to a sheltered area before eating it alive.

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Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The dementor wasp is found in Thailand. (0:00)

  • 2

    After injecting its venom, the dementor wasp leads a stupefied cockroach to a safe place and eats it alive. (0:19)

  • 3

    Dementor wasps are named after the soul-sucking creatures from the Harry Potter series. (0:39)

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