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The Day Before Thanksgiving Isn't The Busiest Travel Day

Thanksgiving has its share of stressors—family drama, kitchen mishaps, nail-biting football games—and travel is definitely near the top of the list. Luckily, we have some news to ease your concerns: the day before Thanksgiving isn't the busiest U.S. travel day of the year. It's only the 121st.

In 2015, Quartz analyzed data from 11 U.S. airlines compiled by to determine when air travel throughout the country actually peaks. The results were based on the number of seats on each flight scheduled. What date ranks number one? August 7, with 2,909,670 scheduled seats. That's because Americans generally travel the most over summer months—those are where 48 of the 50 busiest flight dates on Quartz's list land. There are two exceptions, however. December 18 (number 50) and the Sunday after Thanksgiving (number 2) also made the list. Just keep that in mind—knowing when everyone else will travel can be quite handy when booking holiday flights. For more holiday travel advice, watch the following videos.

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Written by Curiosity Staff November 21, 2016

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