The Curiosity Gear You Need Right Now

Look, we're pretty lucky to work where we do. There aren't a lot of jobs where you can just find out amazing things about the world, eight hours a day. More than lucky, though, we're proud of our jobs. You'd better believe we literally wear our pride on our sleeve. We thought our readers might want to, also, and that's why we keep our store stocked with Curiosity swag that you can't find anywhere else. Check out the selection below!

Curiosity Fact-a-Day 2018 Calendar (40% OFF)

2018 is coming up fast, and this desk calendar is the perfect way to fill it with a fresh fact every weekday, plus another fact every weekend. It's colorful, fun, and makes a great stocking stuffer (hint, hint). Plus, you can get it for 40% off of its regular price of $25 with the offer code CURIOSITY40. Buy it here.

Curiosity Logo T-Shirt ($22)

What else do we need to say? We love Curiosity and you love Curiosity, and this T-shirt tells the world exactly how awesome Curiosity is. It comes in midnight navy and the fabric is incredibly soft. Buy it here.

Comet Me, Bro T-Shirt ($22)

Get it? Comet? You don't even need to love learning something new every day to appreciate this level of punnery. It certainly doesn't hurt, though. Buy it here.

Curiosity Makes You Smarter T-Shirt ($20)

Doesn't matter if you mean the quality of always wanting to know more, or the five-star app that features new science, tech, and culture stories every day — it's just a fact that curiosity makes you smarter. Buy the T-shirt here.

Curiosity Hoodie ($39)

You must be wondering, "How on Earth will I demonstrate the awesomeness of Curiosity when it's cold out?" Wonder no more. This warm and cozy hoodie has got your back (and pockets!). Buy it here.

Curiosity Makes You Smarter Mug ($13)

Confession time: there's only one thing that revs us up more than learning, and that's caffeine. With this mug, we can scratch both itches at the same time. Buy it here.

Curiosity Mid-Calf Socks ($15)

There's nothing that makes you feel fancier than a pair of colorful socks. Unless, of course, those socks are a little smarter than the average accessories. These ocean-blue socks will keep your little piggies feeling as brainy as the rest of you. Buy it here.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 7, 2017

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