The Complex Issue Of Reaching Out To Uncontacted Tribes

The Complex Issue Of Reaching Out To Uncontacted Tribes

Researchers estimate that there are more than 100 uncontacted peoples remaining in the world, most of them located in Brazil. The word "uncontacted" can be slightly misleading, however: most of these tribes have indeed encountered outsiders, whether they were missionaries, miners, explorers, or even pilots in planes or helicopters. The debate over whether we should reach out to these peoples is a complex one. Countries have put laws and reserves in place to prevent trespassing onto their lands, but loggers and oil workers are often exempt from these restrictions. One big concern is disease, as the members of these tribes often don't have immunity to certain dangerous illnesses.


Key Facts In This Video

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    When European explorers came to the Americas, they ultimately killed more than 50 million Native Americans. (0:18)

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    Some countries have created reserves to discourage trespassing and interaction with indigenous peoples, though they haven't strongly reinforced these policies. (1:24)

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    Some people believe that we should leave isolated peoples alone until they decide to initiate contact. (2:14)

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