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The Chairless Chair Gives You A Seat Whenever, Wherever You Want

Looking goofy has never been more convenient. The Chairless Chair lets you sit anywhere you want, whenever you want by affixing a locking exoskeleton to your lower half. While it may look ridiculous on you at the grocery store (still, no judgment), it could be a lifesaver for others.

Image: Noonee AG

Take A Seat

The Swiss company Noonee is the brains behind the Chairless Chair, their first product. According to their website, the company is "the world's first supplier of Wearable Ergonomic Mechatronic Devices (WEMDs)," focusing on improving ergonomics in the manufacturing industry. Their flagship product was designed with the factory worker in mind: someone is constantly moving on the job while also needing to hold awkward positions. Scratch what we said about using it to plop onto your butt in the middle of grocery shopping...

To wear the seemingly gravity-defying Chairless Chair, you'd have straps on your shoulders like a backpack, around your hips, around your upper thighs, and around your shoes. The exoskeleton parts are the pieces running down your hamstrings and calves. When you want to plop, little switches will lock at your knee, and you're good to go. Er, not go anywhere. Anytime-relief from physical strain for workers could mean fewer sick days, better long-term health, and happy employees.

The chairless chair eases many assembly activities. This high-tech carbon-fiber construction allows Audi employees to sit without a chair. At the same time, it improves their posture and reduces the strain on their legs.

Superhuman Sitters

Exoskeletons and wearables are having a moment, and may be indicative of the future. The idea that minds and machines are melding into one is less of a sci-fi fantasy these days and more of an eventuality. While some are designed to help the paralyzed regain movement, other devices are straight-up turning humans into superheroes. Not like we're complaining. We're ready for bionic eyeballs, please.

The Chairless Chair

Written by Curiosity Staff August 3, 2017

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