The Bones of the Hands and Feet

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The bones in the fingers and toes are called phalanges. They're connected to the metacarpals in your hands, and the metatarsals in your feet. The wrist is made up of carpals, while the back of the foot is made up of tarsals. Just two of these tarsals—the calcaneus and the talus—bear most of the body's weight.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Humans have endoskeletons, which allow us to grow larger and have greater mobility than animals with exoskeletons. 02:06

  2. Andreas Vaselius is credited with introducing human dissection to medical studies, and would dismember corpses in front of his students. 05:10

  3. Each year, 10% of your skeleton is broken down and rebuilt in a process called bone remodeling. 10:02

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