The Blackbird Can Be Any Car You Want It To Be

The Blackbird Can Be Any Car You Want It To Be

Cars in commercials, movies, and TV shows are a big expense. And when you want to create a car that doesn't exist in reality, the time and money requirements shoot up even higher. That's why one company created the Blackbird, an electric vehicle designed to turn into any car you want it to with a bit of 3D rendering. Find out all about the Blackbird in the video below.

The Blackbird, A Shape-Shifting Electric Vehicle

Watch how the Blackbird's bare chassis turns into any car you can imagine with movie magic.

How Do You Make A Movie Car?

Find out what goes into making a real car for a movie.


Making Fictional Cars Into Real Vehicles

The Blackbird makes a fake car look real. Jerry Patrick makes real cars look fake.

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