The Bitter Truth Behind Sugar

Many people have a sweet tooth—that little voice telling you a sugary treat will defeat stress, hunger, boredom and sadness. However, researchers are beginning to understand these not-so-innocent sugar cravings in our brains. In fact, sugar addiction has fast become a detrimental health trend spanning the globe, with high prevalence in the U.S. These studies show that sugar cravings live in the same parts of our brain which activate addictive behavior and thinking—the nucleus accumbens. Sugar also creates false feelings of hunger, is as toxic to the liver as alcohol and tobacco, can throw off natural blood sugar levels, and can ultimately do irreparable damage to bodies. All of a sudden that candy bar might not sound so good.

However, like most things, sugar is not harmful in small doses. Long-term heavy use, however, sets the foundation for obesity and heart troubles, type II diabetes and more. Natural sugars found in fruits? Now that's a different story. Watch this playlist to learn more about the bitter science behind this sweet substance.

Written by Curiosity Staff August 19, 2014

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