The Bay Of Pigs Invasion Explained

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With the recent death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, you might be wondering how U.S.-Cuban relations got to where they are today. What was the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and how was the United States involved? In the following videos, learn about the invasion of Cuban exiles and Americans on Cuba, an island only 90 miles off the shores of Miami. Then, uncover how this invasion sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis, an event that has affected international relations for more than five decades.

Crash Course On The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

In less than 15 minutes, Khan Academy gives you the rundown on one of the most impactful invasions in U.S. and Cuban history.

What If The Cuban Missile Crisis Turned Into Full Scale War?

The Cuban Missile Crisis could've changed EVERYTHING. Learn how in the video below.

Meet Fidel Castro

How much do you know about former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro? Discover more about this infamous leader in the following mini bio.

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