The Bay of Fundy's Extreme Tides

Located on the eastern coast of Canada, the Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal range in the world. This natural phenomenon is due to the shape and size of this body of water. Like a bathtub, this bay sloshed water back and forth to build momentum and grow the tide in a process called seiching. Between high and low tides, the Bay of Fundy moves more than 160 billion metric tons of water.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Bay of Fundy is a 270km-long body of water on Canada's eastern coast, and has the world's largest tidal range. 00:11

  2. The gravitational pull of the moon (and to a lesser extent, the sun) is responsible for the tides. 00:51

  3. The shape of the Bay of Fundy helps water to oscillate and create higher tides. 02:03

Written by Curiosity Staff September 4, 2015

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