The Baffling Monty Hall Problem

Can you solve the puzzling Monty Hall problem? The Monty Hall Problem has stumped countless people throughout history, including scientists and mathematicians. It tends to fool readers because the problem seems genuinely random-but the fact that the game show host knows which door contains the prize is key. After the problem appeared in "Parade" magazine in 1990, approximately 10,000 people wrote in to dispute the solution. Of those people, around 1,000 had PhDs.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The traditional setup of the Monty Hall Problem places a goat behind two doors and a sports car behind one. 00:26

  2. It's easier to understand the solution to the Monty Hall Problem if you envision 100 doors instead of 3. 01:53

  3. The Monty Hall Problem is not genuinely random, which is why its solution is counterintuitive. 03:53

Written by Curiosity Staff October 2, 2015