The Atmospheric Vortex Engine Could Generate Power From Tornadoes

The AVE, designed by Canadian engineer Louis Michaud, aims to harvest green energy by forming artificial vortices. Michaud's machines rely on the pressure reduction at a vortex's base to spin a turbine and generate power. Though he's created several smaller models, Michaud hopes to one day construct an AVE that can produce giant tornadoes, perhaps using heat waste from power plants to provide the warm air that fuels the vortex.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Atmospheric Vortex Engines create and harvest energy from small tornados. 00:29

  2. Producing a vortex requires warm air and sufficient rotation. 02:37

  3. Inside an Atmospheric Vortex Engine, the pressure reduction at the base of the vortex drives a turbine and produces power. 03:24

Written by Curiosity Staff September 16, 2015

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