The Argentinian Woman Who Gave Birth On Antarctica's Esperanza Base

In 1977, the country of Argentina must have been desperate to stake claim to new territory. The nation's officials airlifted a woman to Antarctica in order to do just that. Silvia Morello de Palma was seven months pregnant woman when she was taken to Esperanza Base in order to give birth on the frigid continent. According to the logic of Argentine officials, this birth would give the country of Argentina territorial claims to Antarctica. On January 7, 1978, the newborn Emilio Palma became the first recorded person to be born on the continent.

The birth proved just how serious Chilean President Augusto Pinochet was about taking Argentina to new places around the globe. Argentina claims that Malvinas, the South Atlantic Islands, and a certain section of Antarctica are all theirs. Argentina, as well as Chile, the UK, France, and New Zealand, has designed a special flag for its Antarctic territories. Learn more about Antarctica in the videos below.

Who Owns Antarctica?

It's tricky.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest and most uninhabited region on the planet. 00:00

  2. There is no permanent human population on Antarctica. 00:49

  3. Twelve countries signed the Antarctica Treaty in 1959. 01:34

How Science Is Keeping Antarctica Ungoverned

Is it a good thing?

Who Owns Antarctica?

No one lives on the continent permanently.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 3, 2016

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