The 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Show Nature at Its Funniest

It's our favorite time of year again — Comedy Wildlife Photography season. Last year, we thought the winning photograph hit the exact right balance of comedy and pathos, but now, there's a whole new lineup of contenders.

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, 2018 Edition

Founded by Tanzania-based photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, this competition focuses both on goofy animal shots and wildlife conservation efforts. The photos submitted to the annual competition are judged by a panel of qualified wildlife and photography experts.

All told, there are no fewer than 41 finalists for the top prize. Here are our five favorites, and we'll be back in November once the winner is announced.

"Wildlife PhotograBear." Kudos to Roie Galitz for having an extra camera on hand to capture the shot.
"Caught in the Act." The only thing missing is a blinding searchlight and this could be a still from a prison break movie.
"Bullies." Honestly, we're wondering what the seal did to deserve that scrutiny.
"Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose." We would pay big bucks to see that movie.
"Should Have Gone to Specsavers." Either that, or the other hippo is looking like a snacc.

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Written by Reuben Westmaas October 4, 2018

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