The 1945 Unsolved Mystery Of The Sodder Children Disappearance

The 1945 Unsolved Mystery Of The Sodder Children Disappearance

The story of the Sodder children disappearance is as fascinating and mysterious as it is heartbreaking. Around 1 a.m. on Christmas Day in 1945, a fire broke out in the Sodder family's West Virginia home. Both parents and four of their ten children escaped, but five children were unaccounted for (their tenth child was away from home at the army). When the father, George, attempted to reenter the house to save the children, the ladder that was always leaning against the house was missing. He thought to drive one of his two coal trucks to the house and climb it to enter through a window, but neither truck started -- even though they both functioned the day before. Multiple people phoned the operator for help, but the call was never answered. And while the fire station was only two miles away, fire trucks didn't arrive until 8am. No human remains were found in the remnants of the fire. The Sodders later hired private investigators to help find their missing children, but at least two of them immediately went missing. Some theories suggest that the local mafia tried to recruit George Sodder, but he refused. Still, the case remains unsolved.

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