The 1930s "Pedestrian Catcher" Shovels People Up With Cars

Although the thought behind the pedestrian catcher was a good one, the practicality of it just isn't there. The 1930s invention has many different names: pedestrian catcher, safety scoop, car catcher, rescue device. Basically, it's like a giant shovel on the front of a vehicle for scooping up people. Two Sheffield inventors introduced their device in 1931. In the original article in "Modern Mechanix," the caption to the device photo reads "This new safety device, consisting of a shield and roller geared to the motor, sweeps the man ahead till the truck comes to a halt." To engage the catch to scoop a pedestrian, the driver must pull a lever.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The "safety scoop" was a 1930s invention that was fitted to bumpers to catch pedestrians. 00:01

  2. To engage the 1930 car "safety scoop" to catch a pedestrian, the driver must pull a lever. 00:18

Written by Curiosity Staff December 8, 2015

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