The 100 Bills In 100 Boxes Puzzle

The 100 Bills In 100 Boxes Puzzle

If everyone goes into the room one at a time and searches 50 boxes randomly, then the chances of everyone locating their bill are incredibly small. But if everyone follows a simple strategy, then the odds of each person finding their bill go up to 31%!


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    If everyone went into the room and chose 50 boxes to look inside at random, the chances of everyone finding their bill is .5 to the power of 100. (0:22)

  • 2

    One strategy results in everyone finding their bill 31.18% of the time. (1:15)

  • 3

    The best strategy for solving the bills-in-boxes problem doesn't increase the odds that any individual will find their bill—it increases the odds that everyone will find their bill. (3:17)

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