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It's almost 2017! Before you dive into the new year, how about taking a trip down memory lane? We're looking back on the topics that excited and inspired you over the last 12 months. These 10 stories were the most popular on Curiosity in 2016... there's still time to get smarter this year!

#1: One Of The Last Uncontacted Tribes

#2: The Sentiment Analysis Technique

Learn more about the shapes of stories arrow_forward

#3: A New Phase Of Matter

#4: How To Learn Something New In Four Easy Steps

#5: You Can Add More Life To Your Writing

#6: The 99% Of The Internet You Don't See

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#7: A Run-In With A Particle Accelerator

#8: The Song That Reduces Stress

#9: The Discovery Of New Planets

#10: Scientists Could One Day Replace Faulty Genes

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