The #1 Fact Of Military History Is A Lie

You've probably heard this famous historical tip: never invade Russia in the winter. We get it—Russian winters are super cold. Silly Napoleon and Hitler. If only they hadn't made such a huge blunder, right? Think again—Napoleon and Hitler started their attacks in late June. Watch the following video for the three actual reasons their Russian invasion failed.

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Never Invade Russia In Winter?

Nah, you're good in winter... just make sure you're prepared.

Ten Lesser-Known Facts About Napoleon

Napoleon isn't even Napoleon.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Napoleon's birth name was Napoleone di Buonaparte. 00:06

  2. Napoleon was named commander of the Army of the Interior and became a trusted military advisor at age 26. 02:05

  3. The reason we decoded hieroglyphs may be because Napoloeon was set on owning Egypt. 05:19

Written by Curiosity Staff February 2, 2017

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