Thank These Underwater Cables For Your Internet Connection

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In total, the network of cables that spans the ocean floor between continents is hundreds of thousands of miles long. They currently represent the most effective way to transmit international data, though alternatives such as satellites and balloons are being investigated. The ocean affords the cables some protection, but they're not invulnerable: some have needed to be outfitted with shark-proof wrappers, and damage has been caused by boat anchors, storms, and even criminal scuba divers who intentionally cut through them.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The thickest of the submarine communication cables are no thicker than a soda can. 00:27

  2. Some submarine communication cables are as deep underwater as Mt. Everest is high. 00:49

  3. The first undersea cables were coated in tree sap to protect them from the water. 01:50

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