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Thai Moken Children Can See Underwater Like Dolphins

A tribe off the west coast of Thailand provides an amazing example of the adaptability of the human body. The Moken tribe, a seafaring nomadic tribe, has children that can see underwater twice as well as the rest of us. The underwater eyesight of these "sea-nomads," as they're called, is akin to the sight of a dolphin. Not only can these children see astonishingly clearly underwater, their eyes don't get irritated and red from salt water like the average person's might. Moken children have adapted to this lifestyle by diving in the oceans to look for food starting at a young age.

How Moken Children See Underwater

The human body is an amazing thing. Learn more about how children of the Moken tribe can see underwater with such clarity.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. When light levels drop, your eye reacts by opening the iris. 00:15

  2. When your pupils get larger in order to see in low-light conditions underwater, the image also becomes more blurred. 00:25

  3. Any child can learn to see clearly underwater if they begin at an early age. 01:05

How Well Can Seals And Sea Lions See Underwater?

They've adapted well for life underwater.

Why Can't We Breathe Underwater?

It would certainly make life more interesting.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Because of water's chemical composition, it can't be breathed by humans. 01:10

  2. Fish are more easily able to consume oxygen underwater because of their gills and cold-blooded nature. 02:06

Written by Curiosity Staff March 8, 2016

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