Teacup Pigs Don't Exist

Wouldn't it be cute to have a teacup pig? You could fit it into a purse and take it everywhere you go. That is, until a few weeks, months, or years from now, when it's grown from a tiny bundle of cuteness into a 200-pound hog. It's true: despite how teacup pigs are advertised, there is no such thing. Teacup pigs are just baby versions of potbellied pigs, though with less warning for their owners about how much room and resources they'll take up when they get older.

According to Modern Farmer, the teacup pig trend spiked in 2009 when Paris Hilton began appearing with her new pet pig, Princess Pigelette. (Hilton is also credited with the teacup dog trend, which is also not what it seems). Some breeders will tell new owners to underfeed their pigs to keep them petite. But animals don't work that way: that just results in a starving, malnourished pig whose organs will keep on growing. As North American Potbellied Pig Association vice president Anna Key told CBS, this bait-and-switch technique results in an estimated 90% of pet pigs adopted in the US being given up to a shelter or sanctuary. Learn more about responsible pet ownership with the videos below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 20, 2016

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