Tardigrades Are The Toughest Animals On Earth

They can survive being launched into space, getting bombarded with radiation that would kill a human, and going without food or water for decades. At temperatures as low as 1 K and as high as 420 K, they simply shrug their four pairs of shoulders. The tardigrade, a.k.a. water bear, may be the toughest animal on our planet, and you can find one in your own backyard. Hear about the amazing feats of the "moss piglet," and learn how to locate one for yourself.

This Is How Much Tardigrades Can Take

Just how extreme are these little extremophiles?

Why Tardigrades Fascinate Scientists

Understand the tardigrade, and you can understand a lot of organisms.

Tardigrades from A Scientist's Point of View

Talking tardigrades with Dr. Meg Lowman from the California Academy of Sciences.

How To Find Tardigrades

Here's how you can hunt for water bears in your own backyard.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Water bears can be found in moss. 00:40

  2. When they sense that it's too dry, water bears enter a state called cryptobiosis. 01:49

  3. Rehydrating harvested moss will "reanimate" water bears in cryptobiosis. 02:21

Water Bear Don't Care

Add a dance beat to your tardigrade education.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 18, 2016

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