Tama, The Japanese Station Master Cat

One cat in Japan holds an unlikely position at Wakayama Electric Railway Co. In 2007, the company appointed a stray cat named Tama to be super station master at one of its train stations, Kishi Station. Before Tama took on this official role, Kishi was struggling, and many employees were laid off. In just five years of Tama acting as the station master of Kishi, the cat helped bring in $10 million in revenue from tourists visiting the station to see its furriest and most famous employee. In June of 2015, Tama the cat passed away. Shortly after, Nitama ("Tama the Second"), a cat aged five, was appointed to Tama's former position as station master.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Tama is the name of the first station master cat at Kishi Station in Japan. 01:14

  2. The main duty of Tama the Japanese station master cat was the greet passengers. 02:00

  3. The struggling Kishi Station in Japan was saved after hiring Tama the cat as station master. 02:10

Written by Curiosity Staff January 4, 2016

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