Surname Extinction: When Will We All Be "Smiths"?

Could your last name become extinct? It's possible. Back in the day, new surnames were created based on someone's job, father's given name, or maybe where they came from. Now, our names are simply passed on—modern Chinese surnames, for example, have been handed down for thousands of years. Discover how we're moving towards a world of "Smiths" in the following video, then learn more about names.

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Surname Extinction: When Will All Be Smiths?

What Does Your Name Say About You?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A study found a correlation between boys with traditionally girls' names had more difficulties in school. 00:46

  2. Peoples' names are linked to social status and other societal aspirations. 01:46

  3. Names can have a psychological affect on one's self-perception and overall mental health. 02:08

Written by Curiosity Staff March 16, 2017

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