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Stroll Down High-Sky Glass Walkways Along China's Tianmen Mountain

The closest you'll ever get to walking on clouds might be in China's southern province of Hunan. Here is where you'll find Tianmen Mountain, and the three high-in-the-sky glass walkways that run alongside it. The Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk, which may require the most bravery to traverse, opened to the public in August 2016.

Do Look Down

Leave your fear of heights at the door, please. Or, in this case, at ground-level. The Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk is a transparent, glass walkway that sits above a 4,600-foot drop, and stretches for about 328 feet. The walkway hugs a cliff on Tianmen Mountain and juts out five feet from the huge rock. And if the height doesn't get ya, maybe the twists will—there are a dizzying 99 turns on the path. Luckily, there's a thick, sturdy railing for you to clutch as you work your way around the mountain.

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Tianmen glass path

Safety First

We know what you're thinking—How safe could this possibly be? Chinese officials are way ahead of you on that one. They have gone to great lengths to prove their glass skywalks are safe, including bashing the glass with sledgehammers until they cracked. They even drove a car over them to prove they could withstand the weight. Though the glass will be good to you, officials have some concerns that, perhaps, you won't be as kind to the glass. That's why tourists on the walkways are given special shoes to wear so the glass stays protected. Watch the video below to see people walking across one of these glass skywalks. Do you have the guts?

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China, the Hunan province, Mount Tianmen Shan, a glass walkway or trail of terror over a cliff
China, the Hunan province, Mount Tianmen Shan, a glass walkway or trail of terror over a cliff

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 12, 2016

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