Strange Objects That Drop On New Year's Eve

Strange Objects That Drop On New Year's Eve

A giant Peep drops in Bethlehem, PA because the candy company Just Born is located in the town. In Bartlesville, OK, the olive isn't the only part of the ostentatious ceremony: it's lowered from Price Tower into a giant martini glass. Panama City Beach's beach-ball drop occurs alongside a drop of tens of thousands regular-sized beach balls, whereas Plymouth's cheese drop doesn't include cheese samples (especially because the giant cheese is made of styrofoam).


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    People in Eastover, North Carolina drop a 30-pound wooden flea to ring in the new year. (0:43)

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    The town of Princess Anne, Maryland drops a stuffed muskrat named Marshall on New Year's Eve. (4:32)

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    The Watermelon Ball in Vincennes, IN releases 12 actual watermelons when it drops on New Year's Eve. (7:21)

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