Stepping On Lava Creates A Bright Flash

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Lava is not for your amusement, games, or science experiments. It's dangerous stuff that we haven't yet figured out how to control. But let's say you're close to some hot lava, what would happen if you stepped on it? Watch the video below to see the bright, quick, flash that would result. But seriously, just avoid lava in real life.

Watch Someone Step On Hot Lava

Hopefully you never get close enough to test this out yourself.

Death By Lava Is Much Worse Than In The Movies

Seriously, lava is nothing to mess with.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Molten metal and lava have a density that is three times that of water. 01:51

  2. Humans wouldn't sink into lava, but would float on top of the lava and slowly burn alive. 02:06

On A Quest To Find Flowing Lava

Don't do this yourself, just watch the video instead.

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 20, 2016