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Black Holes

Stephen Hawking Thinks There's A Way Out Of A Black Hole

You've heard the concept that energy cannot be created or destroyed. For a long time, when physicists spoke about information, that too was thought to always live on. Einstein's theory of general relativity holds that all information is fundamentally conserved in the universe. But what about when black holes enter the picture? Until now, scientists believed black holes destroyed whatever information was sucked in. These contradicting bits of information make up the black hole information paradox. However, in 2016, famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking published a solution to this paradox in the journal Physical Review Letters. Hawking believes that information sucked into a black hole is not lost forever. More specifically, he states in his research that "soft hairs" exist in black holes, which in some ways replicate the information that enters the black hole. Hawking believes the existence of these hairs on black holes is provable, which would shake up what we know about quantum mechanics.

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