Spartan Babies Bathed In Wine

When a Spartan boy was born, he was bathed in wine because the tribe believed it would make him strong. The baby would then be examined by a group of elders, and if he did not pass the examination, would be left to either die of exposure or be rescued by strangers. Learn more facts about the legendary Spartans below.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. At age 7, Spartan boys were taken from home and began a state sponsored program called the Agoge. 00:40

  2. Spartan girls went through their own training of athletics and mental preparation to make them strong enough to produce Spartan men. 01:27

  3. Women who died during childbirth and men who had died in combat were the only ones allowed to have their names written on their tombstones. 02:56

Written by Curiosity Staff May 7, 2015

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