Space Is Full Of Cosmic Dust

Space Is Full Of Cosmic Dust

Dust may be annoying around your house, but it's much more important on a larger scale than you may realize. Cosmic dust is what is present around young stars and is the material used to help them form. This dust is also the raw material from which planets like Earth are formed. Examples of cosmic dust can be observed not only all around us, but up in the sky in the form of comet tails. Space is one of three sources of dust on Earth. The other two main sources are your home (dead skin cells, pollen, dust mites, and more), and dry, arid places like deserts. The dust from the Sahara Desert can blow all the way over to the Caribbean.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Dust in homes consists of pollen, hair, cloth fibers, and dead human skin cells. (0:18)

  • 2

    One-third of the land on Earth is covered by dust-producing surfaces. (3:07)

  • 3

    Gas and dust are precursors to planetary systems. (4:31)

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