Sorry-Astronauts Do Not Eat Freeze-Dried Ice Cream In Space

Remember the freeze-dried treat "astronaut ice cream"? If you ate it as a kid, you likely didn't munch on it for the taste, but rather because it's what they eat up in space. Turns out, none of that is true. The company that produces what they call astronaut ice cream can not confirm that it has been or is eaten in space. A press release about Apollo 7 states that freeze-dried vanilla ice cream may have been on the mission. However, an astronaut aboard Apollo 7 denies that the freeze-product was on the mission.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An astronaut aboard Apollo 7 believes "astronaut ice cream" is a myth that the press propagated. 01:53

  2. The list of foods aboard the Apollo 7 mission was mainly rehydrate-able foods, not freeze-dried ice cream. 02:23

Written by Curiosity Staff February 20, 2016

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